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Summer-Ready Skin Starts with Ceramides

Posted by Audrey_Horne on
Summer-Ready Skin Starts with Ceramides

As summer approaches, while we can enjoy various activities, the increased heat, humidity, and sun exposure can lead to a range of skin troubles that require special attention. What kind of summer skincare problems do you experience? In this blog, we will explore common summer skin issues and their underlying causes. We will also highlight how our skincare products, rich in natural human-type ceramides, can effectively address these problems.

Summer Skincare Problems & Their Causes

Dryness & Dehydration

Do you think dry skin is only a concern in the cold winter months? In fact, summer can also lead to hidden dryness. Air conditioning is commonly used during summer, which can dry out the air and, in turn, dry out your skin. Additionally, sweating heavily can cause dehydration, as the evaporation of sweat takes moisture away from your skin along with body heat.

UV Damage

We often hear that ultraviolet (UV) rays are our skin's worst enemy. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can reduce the skin's barrier function, which is crucial for retaining moisture. This leads to dryness and, as previously mentioned, can damage cells responsible for producing collagen and hyaluronic acid. This damage can cause dark spots, wrinkles, freckles, and sagging.

Excessive Sebum Secretion

The body naturally works to maintain a consistent temperature. When body temperature rises, sweat glands and pores open to release sweat and sebum, helping to cool the body down. Sebum acts as a crucial barrier, protecting the skin from external irritants. However, excessive sebum production can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Additionally, using harsh cleansing products or scrubbing too vigorously can strip the skin of its essential oils, weakening its natural defense mechanisms. This not only causes dryness but also prompts the skin to produce even more sebum in an attempt to compensate, creating a vicious cycle.

As we can see, summer conditions can lead to dry skin and damage from UV rays, contributing to issues like dark spots, freckles, and sagging. Next, let's explore how we can solve and prevent these problems.


To maintain healthy and radiant skin even in summer, it's crucial to maintain the skin's turnover cycle with a healthy diet and quality sleep. In addition to these, let's explore how Seiso's skincare products, formulated with natural human-type ceramides, can address these summer skin issues. As mentioned above, the underlying causes of common summer skincare troubles often stem from compromised barrier function and insufficient ceramides. Our ceramides are derived from natural ingredients and closely resemble those found in human skin. They are not only gentle on the skin but also easily absorbed deep into the skin, where they can effectively enhance the benefits of ceramides by remaining in the skin.

Pure Ceramide Concentrate

Ceramides are vital skin components that maintain moisture levels. True to its name, our serum contains 100% naturally-derived human-type ceramides, effectively replenishing the skin's often deficient ceramide levels to ensure optimal hydration. This promotes skin renewal by facilitating turnover, shedding old surface cells to reveal fresher ones. By bolstering the skin's barrier function, it not only shields against UV damage but also promotes even distribution of melanin, thereby reducing the appearance of dark spots. Furthermore, ceramides play a crucial role in forming the skin's lipid barrier, which supports normal sebum production. Proper hydration prevents the cycle of excessive sebum secretion caused by dryness, ultimately diminishing clogged pores and the visibility associated with excess sebum.

Ceramide Moisture Milk

Next, our special milky emulsion contains our unique natural human-type ceramide. During the summer, some people may skip using emulsions or creams, opting only for toner due to concerns about skin feeling sticky or oily from humidity and sweat. However, merely hydrating the skin is not sufficient, as moisture tends to diminish over time. Therefore, even in summer, our milky emulsion effectively moisturizes without leaving a sticky residue, sealing in moisture to prevent it from escaping. This ceramide's synergistic effect ensures deep hydration from within the skin to its surface, protecting its moisture barrier.

During the hot summer months, previously overlooked skin issues can suddenly become more apparent. Understanding the root caused of dryness, UV damage, and excessive sebum creation is crucial for effective skincare. At Seiso, we believe our skincare solutions, rich in natural human-type ceramides, can address these challenges. By replenishing the skin's ceramide levels, our products support hydration, strengthen the skin's barrier against UV damage, and balance sebum production. This comprehensive approach not only helps prevent and alleviate summer skin issues but also promotes healthy, radiant skin throughout the year.

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