Seiso JBeauty: Skincare minimalism
Rediscover the simple path to healthy skin™

5S Philosophy

Our name, pronounced SAY-soh, is inspired by the third of five principles in the Japanese 5S philosophy. The Seiso principle means “clean, tidy, and elegant.” The 5S philosophy emphasizes daily improvement, clearing away the unnecessary, and focusing on quality essentials. 

What is necessary
What is beautiful
What transforms skin™


A renown Japanese scientist discovered a powerful ceramide in Koji, the only of its kind. This revolutionary ceramide mimicked the molecular structure of ceramides in human skin. It was then introduced to Tracy O’Connor, a beauty industry leader and visionary. After using it, she immediately saw a transformation in her sensitive, “tired mom” skin and set out to bring this natural technology to those searching for real solutions to their skincare concerns. Together with Rohto Pharmaceutical, a leading skincare technology company in Osaka, the team has created a truly unique brand, one with deep roots in Japan, but tailored to fill a modern void. One that merged state-of-the-art Japanese formulation, the power of Koji – and that offered a counterpart to traditional American skincare products, overly aggressive ingredient profiles, and trend driven beauty formulations. Our collection presents a nurturing, layered less is more approach and products that stand the test of time.


Our modern collection is based in the sound, skincare science of Japan. We utilize patented technologies, advanced formulations, skin-loving textures and clean, sophisticated packaging. We follow a uniquely Japanese approach to skin wellness: nurture skin back to health. Our focus is on product performance, innovation, safety, sensuality and quiet luxury. We deliver measurable results, lasting improvements and skincare products that stand the test of time. Our goal is to make bare skin beautiful. Formulated, packaged and 100% Made in Japan.