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We approach ingredients in a very Japanese way. Our goal is to create harmony. We don’t put anything in that doesn’t belong. When there is clutter, valuable ingredients lose their value. We believe in the Japanese concept of “ma” or less is more. Because it’s not just what is in the formula, but also, what is not. We focus on natural ingredients, state-of-the-art technologies, and clean formulations. We have pioneered the world’s very first, all natural human-identical ceramide derived from Japanese Koji in our CeraKari-20™ Complex. Featured in two products, Pure Ceramide Concentrate and Ceramide Moisture Milk, it is proven to help effectively improve barrier function, moisture levels, fine lines, and contributes to improved skin health. Chosen ingredients must meet superior standards and deliver results, safety, sensuality, and quiet luxury. All products are cruelty free and contain no parabens, palm oil, sulfates, artificial colors, petrochemicals, or other harmful chemicals. Our chosen materials are sustainable and recyclable. We are 100% made in Japan.