Fact: Ceramide loss is a big problem for skin. It can lead to dryness, dullness, irritation,
loss of elasticity and that “healthy glow.” 
Fact: You can help reverse ceramide loss by replenishing skin with long-chain ceramides.


Our skin makes up 10% of the human body. Its main role is to provide effective barrier function, holding vital resources in, like juicy moisture, and creating a protective barrier from theoutside.Theoutermost layers of our skin, known as the stratum corneum, are responsible for this “barrier” – and how our skin looks, functions and feels. The structure of the stratum corneum is like a brick wall. The “bricks” are the dead skin cells. The “mortar” is the intercellular lipid network. That network is made up mostly of ceramides, as well as cholesterol and free fatty acids.Ceramides make up over 50% of this network. They are absolutely crucial to healthy, youthful, resilient skin


By the age of 30, we’ve lost 40% of the ceramides in our skin. By age 40, over 60% Yikes! Our ceramide production drops dramatically over time. Natural aging, pollution, environmental factors, and genetic disorders contribute to this steep decline. So do harsh cleansers, over-exfoliation, acidic treatments, and some procedures.*It’s proven that a decline in ceramides can lead to impaired barrier function and a cascade of skin issues. Dryness. Fine lines. Sensitivity. Acne. Loss of elasticity, firmness, and “that youthful glow.” Solution: Replenishing and maintaining healthy ceramide levels should be your #1 priority. Your skin simply doesn’t look good or function well without them.


Our patented ceramide complex is 100% natural and sourced in Japan. Like skin, it features broad-spectrum ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. But unlike other formulas available, our unique complex contains over 20 long-chain ceramides not found in other natural or synthetic versions. Ours are extracted from koji and the ancient art of soy-sauce production. Ours are the only long-chain ceramides, and they migrate into the deepest channels of our lipid network “filling in the gaps” where we have ceramide depletion. Our complex immediately helps replenish lipid levels and moisture and supports natural ceramide formation and improved barrier function.


    Our patented ceramides are 100% natural and sourced from Japanese koji. Koji is a fermented food culture in Japan prized for its health benefits. Also the source of kojic acid, it is valued for its topical skin brightening properties. We use proprietary techniques to extract these ceramides, maintaining potency and stability. They are the only ceramides of their kind.


    Our products feature a broad spectrum of ceramides just like in human skin. They contain both medium, long, and very long chain ceramides. Long chain ceramides are able to dive deep and distribute throughout our intercellular lipid network better than the shorter chain ceramides found in synthetic versions.


    Our formulations are designed to allow for maximum penetration. Pure Ceramide Concentrate is a highly bio available emulsion and Ceramide Moisture Milk is a traceless lotion. Often, ceramides are housed in inferior formulas, with occlusive ingredients that can actually block penetration and prevent natural barrier improvement.