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Ceramides 101: A Guide to the Essential Ingredient

Posted by Audrey_Horne on
Ceramides 101: A Guide to the Essential Ingredient

In the skincare industry these days, the term "ceramide" is frequently used, and many people are actually incorporating it into their skincare routines. However, what exactly is ceramide? In this article, let's explore the importance of ceramides once again and see how our Seiso products are contributing to skincare routines.

What is Ceramide?

First, let’s introduce what ceramide is. Our skin accounts for 10% of our body, and ceramides are found in the outermost layer of the skin, called the stratum corneum. This layer is approximately 0.02mm thick, and ceramides make up more than 50% of the lipid components filling the space between its cells, along with cholesterol and fatty acids. 

Functions of Ceramide

Ceramides are essential for the formation of the skin and possess both hydrophilic (attracting water) and lipophilic (attracting lipids) properties. This allows ceramides to retain moisture in the stratum corneum. Additionally, by bonding cells together, ceramides assist in foaming the skin’s barrier function, which protects against external stimuli and prevents moisture evaporation. Therefore, ceramides are essential components for healthy, youthful, and firm skin.

Decrease in Ceramides

Unfortunately, as we age, the natural production of ceramides in the skin decreases. *In fact, by the age of 30, about 40% of the skin's ceramides are lost, and by the age of 40, it is said that more than 60% are lost. As mentioned earlier, insufficient ceramides in the skin not only lead to a decrease in barrier function, making the skin more susceptible to external stimuli such as UV rays but also decreases its moisturizing ability, leading to dryness. Consequently, various skin problems such as blemishes and sagging may occur. Therefore, incorporating ceramides into your skincare routine becomes increasingly important as you age.

*References: Imokawa G, et al.(J Invest Dermatol, 1991

Seiso Products

Therefore, we highly recommend Seiso's products rich in ceramides for your daily skincare routine. Pure Ceramide Concentrate, as its name suggests, is a serum packed with concentrated ceramides that penetrate deep into the skin to replenish lost ceramides. Increasing ceramides, even temporarily, helps restore the barrier function, making the skin less prone to troubles. This, in turn, helps normalize the turnover process, promoting healthier skin.

Additionally, the lightweight milky emulsion, Ceramide Moisture Milk, seals moisture on the skin's surface, providing non-greasy hydration and overall skin conditioning. Skincare that replenishes ceramides externally, as our products do,  becomes key as we age and these essential components decrease over time.

In this way, ceramides are essential for maintaining the health and youthfulness of the skin. By understanding the role of ceramides and incorporating them into your skincare routine, you can strengthen the skin's natural barrier and effectively combat signs of aging. With Seiso's products rich in ceramides, nourish your skin from within and aim for a vibrant, radiant complexion.

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