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This lightweight, milky emulsion features a sophisticated blend of skin-friendly moisturizers and our patented ceramide complex for weightless, layered hydration – leaving skin calm, nourished, balanced and “lit from within.”

*Ideal for all skin types (pH 5.5-6.0)


This lightweight, milky emulsion features a sophisticated blend of skin-friendly moisturizers and our patented ceramide complex for weightless, layered hydration. Skin-friendly oils deliver anti-oxidant rich vitamins and minerals, which nourish and condition the skin and protect from collagen degradation. While our patented ceramide complex helps to fill in gaps where we have ceramide and lipid loss. Lightweight, but heavy-hitting, this powerful moisturizer delivers advanced hydration and a milk-glass finish – leaving skin looking “lit from within.”


Apply two to three pumps onto face and neck after applying Pure Ceramide concentrate. If not using Pure Ceramide Concentrate, apply onto damp skin after cleansing. AM/PM


PLUMPS, SOFTENS + CONDITIONS: Our lightweight emulsion soaks into skin and immediately cushions cells in biomimetic oils and skin conditioners – leaving skin feeling soft, hydrated and conditioned – but not sticky. Our patented, long-chain ceramides help “fill in the gaps” where there is ceramide loss.

HELPS IMPROVE ELASTICITY + SKIN FIRMESS: Our moisture milk helps thicken the stratum corneum by increasing hydration, lipid levels and adding cushion. This improves the skin’s elasticity and also provides more protection for the dermal layers underneath, assisting in the prevention of collagen and elastin degradation.

HELPS REDUCE FINE LINES + WRINKLES: By replenishing moisture and promoting collagen preservation, it helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness.

HELPS WITH INFLAMMATORY SKIN CONDITIONS: Replenishing ceramides can help calm skin, reduce redness, and reduce the risk for certain inflammatory conditions. Inflammatory skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, dehydration, and acne are linked to low ceramide levels and barrier dysfunction.


• CeraKari-20™ Complex: 20+ long-chain human-type ceramides, formulated with the optimal balance of fatty acids and cholesterol. 100% naturally sourced from Japanese Koji.
• Jojoba oil: An anti-inflammatory oil with skin barrier repair benefits
• Shea butter: High in vitamin A, it softens skin and contributes to collagen production
• Camellia Japonica oil: Rich in fatty acids, a strong emollient with major moisturization capabilities
• Glycerin: Moisturizes and protects skin from dehydration 
• Hinoki essential oil: Distilled from Japanese cypress, it helps stimulate circulation and oxygenate skin. 
• Lavender essential oil: Helps calm skin and reduce irritation and redness. 

No parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, mineral oils, sulfates, SLS, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, urea, palm oil, or other harmful chemicals. Silicone free, cruelty free, and pregnancy safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Robin Scogna

The products are amazing. Had a skin tag over the right eye. Dissolved after a couple of months. I have been using the products for over a year and very satisfied with the outcome!

Christy Duke
Love my ceramide moisture milk

I can’t express how much I love all the products of Seiso JBeauty! My skin has never looked better!


I can't say enough about these products. I recently re-purchased this moisture milk and its so soft and silky and never heavy but locks in plenty moisture! I use this one in the morning and the slightly heavier velvet water cream at night and my skin always feel great!

Holly Sowers
So Soft

The Ceramide Moisture Milk leaves my skin feeling so happy. I love it!

Jennifer Jones
Highly Enjoyable with Wonderful Results

I have thoroughly enjoyed these products! I have felt so hydrated and refreshed upon each usage and love how light everything feels. Living in a colder climate with much drier air, this has been a god-send!


We approach ingredients in a very Japanese way. Our goal is to create harmony. We don’t put anything in that doesn’t belong. We believe in the “less is more” concept of “ma” and approach formulation the same. When there is clutter, valuable ingredients lose their value. It is not just what is in the bottle, but also, what is not. While many cosmetic chemists rely on ingredients, like silicones, to deliver smoothness and slip, we do not. We focus on natural ingredients, the highest quality raw materials, and state of the art technologies. Chosen ingredients must meet superior standards and deliver product performance, innovation, safety, sensuality, and quiet luxury.