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DISCOVERY: Anti-Aging Effects of Ceramides

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DISCOVERY: Anti-Aging Effects of Ceramides

Dark Spots, Fine Lines, Dullness, Large Pores, Loss of Firmness...
The key to help collectively solve these skin issues is to improve the skin barrier function. Our patented ceramides have proven highly effective in improving barrier function in clinical trials. Here are the results of clinical trials after the application of Seiso human-type ceramides on skin.

Improvement of Atopic Dermatitis and Wrinkles

Improvement of Dark Spots

Improvement of Redness

Improvement of Pores

* Based on skin efficacy results from 14 day clinical trials on our patented, natural human-type ceramide.

Get Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

We believe in Japanese minimalism and do not believe that more products equals more results. Our simple system — yet sophisticated formulations - are designed for maximum results with minimal effort. The ultimate luxury. The key to healthy skin is a healthy skin barrier. We the barrier functions optimally, skin is well hydrated — and skin is healthy, more youthful and fresh. 

Improving skin barrier function — improves many other aspects of our skin’s function and appearance. Healthy looking skin — begins with a healthy skin barrier. And youthful looking and acting skin begins with a healthy functioning skin barrier. When the skin barrier is healthy, natural skin functions improve on their own. Other “anti-aging” ingredients and products are rendered less necessary.

Ceramides play a key role in improving the barrier function and have dramatic moisturizing properties that are naturally found in human skin. However ceramide levels are known to dramatically decrease with age and research has shown that by the age of 50 ceramide production will slow to half of what it was in our 20s.

References: Imokawa G, et al.(J Invest Dermatol, 1991)

We have focused on these facts and created the one-of-a-kind and high quality ceramides.

High Quality Ceramides Rescue Your Skin

Our ceramides have proven highly effective in improving barrier function in clinical trials. The results showed the significant improvement trend in wrinkle depth and width compared to synthetic ceramide.

The important thing here is that not all ceramides are the same. Replenishing high quality ceramides for healthy barrier function from the outside is essential to promote total skin health.

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